Welcome to iTeach2.0!

This Wiki is for use by Challenger Middle School teachers as a central location to share technology ideas for the classroom. The 2.0 in the name indicates we are not only integrating new technology hardware into our classes, we are also using Web 2.0 tools (aka Cool Tools!). The pages listed on the left guide you to various categories of shared information. Your colleagues can benefit from your experience. As a member, you can add to these pages - so please do! You can read without logging in but to edit, you will need membership.

Simple rules for Technology Integration:
1. Always have a plan B.
2. Go with the flow!
3. Learn from the kids!
4. Do not be afraid to tell them you don't know how but we'll learn together!

This page managed by Teri Mitchell, Computer technician/coach, Challenger Middle School, Huntsville, AL tmitchell@hsv.k12.al.us